Custom Solutions

Hard Automation

Can-Am can also provide solutions which are dedicated to a single process with in your system or a stand alone unit. These are often referred to as “hard automation” rather then “flexible automation” that robotics delivers. Test fixtures for a number of different applications, Degaters, and secondary operations are just a few examples.

Test Fixtures

We can provide a test fixture to insure your product complies with your customers expectations and specifications. Continuity, hi-pot, pressure degradation, present or absence of materials, and inserts are just a few. If you need proof of concept, we can design a test unit for your needs.




Can-Am can provide a degating solution to meet you needs. Where it be included with in a system or a stand alone unit we can help improve the quality of your product and the efficiency of your process. We can use the latest technology from off the shelf or customize products to meet your needs.

Secondary Operations

Processes are typically time sensitive and fixtures or cooling tables are considered secondary operations in addition the process that are often times done manually. We will design any possible secondary operation device that you might need to increase your process flow and over all output.