Service & Support

Can-Am proudly supports and services all of the equipment we represent as well as others. Whether it be a Fanuc robot that needs repurposing, a Yushin that needs reprogramming, or anything that needs immediate service Can-Am is here to help. We understand that down time on your equipment is a detrimental setback, and if the equipment manufacturer isn’t able to respond to your needs fast enough, we are.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will Can-Am service equipment not represented by Can-Am?

Yes, if you have equipment that needs immediate attention please give us a call at (951) 941-5181.

Can Can-Am program my robot remotely?

Yes, we have the ability to program at our facility and send you the finished product, where you can upload direct into your robot and be up and running within minutes.

How far will Can-Am travel for service work.

We will go as far as needed to satisfy our customers.

What Products/Companies does Can-Am Represent?

Can-Am Engineering represents Nissei, Yushin, Dri-Air, Frigel, HB-Therm, Gammaflux, Plasti-Co, Can-Am Integration, & Schmit Prototypes